I will not be posting pictures because there's been no official announcement yet, but one of the robots being presented for the DARPA Robotics Challenge is now named Valkyrie, and while it shares a color scheme with the Macross of the same name (at least I think so, it's traditional NASA white-and-gold), it has one important defining feature: BOOBIES! You have no idea how stupidly excited I am for a robot named Valkyrie to actually look female. The head also looks really badass and I kind of want to make a double of it as a helmet. It's also exciting because if it's made by NASA like I think it is, given that it was posted by a friend of mine employed there and has a GLOWING NASA MEATBALL between its boobs, then that means it shares a name with my robotics team's 2002, world finalist robot. WHICH IS SO AWESOME! Actually I think I have a pic of that robot:

DARPA Robotics Challenge Update: Valkyrie!S

FORWARD SWEPT SPIKE WINGS! I think you can see why they named it what they named it.